How to buy Cheap SUP Foils

If you’ve been looking into SUP foils, and can’t believe how expensive they are, then look no further! We have two options for you: either read up on why SUP Foils are so expensive here, or read on to find out where to buy a cheap one. There’s plenty around!

1: Second hand foils
If you’re starting out, then you can save stacks of cash on a foil which has already had someone else learn on it. Sure, there might be a few scratches, a couple of dings, and maybe a repair. But you’re going to do exactly the same stuff to it! Check out the Buy and Sell pages right here to see what’s available, but get in quick! They don’t hang around for long.

2: Shop demo’s.
Most shops are choosing to break out one of each model foil they sell to demo. They need to keep them looking fresh, so if you ask, they might sell you their demo model! Don’t wait for them to pop up online, these foils sell fast, so ask your local store or even put your name down for when the next one becomes available. Usually, an Ex-demo foil in good condition will save you around 20% off retail.

3: Build your own!
Did you know, you can build a SUP foil for less than $200? All it takes is a few sheets of plywood, some fiberglass and a few evenings in the shed. Read our article on how to do it here, just make sure to scale up the wing sizes (this tutorial is for a kite foil).